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I'm Geraldine, a Yoga Teacher since 15 years and a passionate Photographer.

I have been a devoted Yoga Teacher and Yoga Studio owner in Germany. Since a few years, I live in Switzerland close to Zürich and Photography began to take a bigger place in my life.

I'm available in Switzerland, in Germany and France and wherever I travel...

I would love to work with you!

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For me, the best setting is being surrounded by nature. In the forest or by the lake.  I know a few good locations and you may have some ideas where you would like the photos to be taken.  You may prefer the photos to be in a more urban setting, in the middle of the city or even a more casual setting, for example in a yoga studio or your own home. 

Online Galerie

After every shooting, I would put each picture in an online Gallery so that YOU can select the photos you look like the most. If you like all of them, don't worry, you can have them all. Having chosen your favourites, I will edit them carefully with love and attention in colour and black and white. You could also work on skin ( "advanced adjustment".-) on your absolute favourite ones, just let me know. 


In every session, I will take some portraits. So that you can use the pictures for different Profiles. I absolutely love taking portraits! I do those normally at the end of the session, when you are getting more comfortable with me and in front the camera. 




Before the session, take some moments to think about what you are seeking from the photography session. For instance, think about the styles and asanas which happen to be your favourites. 

In addition, it might help to begin with self practice so that you can warm up and get into the state of yoga. Feel free to take your time and breath deeply.

My approach is to speak gently and slowly, like in yoga. Giving you some direction and not distracting you much so that you can find a natural meditative state. The result I am aiming for and I hope you are too, is for authentic and beautiful photographs.

Of course, I will come along with inspiration and ideas too, to inspire and guide you. The best approach is always to have an exchange with a cup of tea, before the session.

Outfit / Accessoires

Please bring a couple of different outfits in colours that reflect your personality and style. Accessories could include your favourite mala, your favourites outfits, scarf... Maybe flowers, which are always wonderful!


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Please allow a few secondes until start, thank you. To see the pictures bigger, just click on the little square icon.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question. I would love to hear from you!

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